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Since 1974, Assil New York has created high quality finished jewelry utilizing the finest gemstones and diamonds from their headquarters in Manhattan. Beginning as stone dealers, Assil rapidly expanded to designing and crafting the most exquisite and unique jewelry. The consistently rich and exquisite colors, and the use of the finest diamonds in their jewelry, have branded Assil as one of the preeminent jewelry houses of the new century. In addition to colored stones, Assil creates pieces using fine South Sea pearls, and cultured pearls. AssilĀ¹s absolute involvement in the process of bringing a gem to its jewelry ensures the highest quality standards.

With buying offices in Israel and the Far East, Assil selects and purchases rare gemstones directly from the mines. They deal directly with colored stone and diamond cutters, and their reputation in the industry has attracted some of the finest designers who create unique and innovative pieces. Distributing through distinguished international wholesalers, retailers and selected international houses, the firm has earned a solid reputation for excellence in product offerings and customer care. Their clients include royalty, international celebrities, and private buyers who have a taste for quality and value. Our principals are anxious to assist you with any inquiries.

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